International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network


1) Global GEF IW portfolio performance and capacities strengthened 2) Enhanced targeted knowledge-sharing between projects 3) Increased interaction and experience sharing among managers of GEF IW projects 4) Increased awareness of GEF IW experiences and achievements and partnership with nonGEF supported interventions a) 6th Biennial GEF International Waters Conference in the Mediterranean region (UNDP) b) Project results presented at IWC-6 collated, analyzed and disseminated in proceedings (an in journal articles, Experience Notes) (UNDP) c) IWC6 Host Mediterranean Region dedicated session at IWC6 (UNDP) d) Facilitated dissemination of best practices from GEF IW projects and partners in approved global dialogue processes to transfer experiences and know-how

3900: MENARID GEF IW:LEARN: Strengthening IW Portfolio Delivery and Impact

02 Nov 2012