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GEF IWSC2012 Final Conference Report

The three days conference provided a science-policy interface to strengthen the role of science in the management of water systems at the global, regional and local level. The focus was on emerging issues and critical challenges, and highlighting the scientific findings of GEF International Waters (IW) projects. It included a special series of plenary sessions on the specific water body types, a science to policy plenary session, parallel thematic and science to policy working groups, a concluding session, and a poster exhibition. The conference attracted around 200 participants from more than 45 countries. The conference program was integrative in nature, linking different scientific disciplines with different levels of decision making and thereby improving the science to policy interface. This offered the opportunity to look at different water body types (aquifers, large marine ecosystems including coastal zones and the open oceans, rivers and lakes) as well as science to policy themes (the role of IW science in support of regional cooperation, analysis, progress monitoring and indicator development, effective knowledge mobilization and the science policy interface in general).

3900: MENARID GEF IW:LEARN: Strengthening IW Portfolio Delivery and Impact

03 Jan 2016

GEF IWSC2012 Final Conference Report.pdf