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Strategic Action Plan(SAP) for the Gulf of Honduras

(August 2011) The Strategic Action Plan (SAP) for the area of the Gulf of Honduras, is the result of a process of identification and analysis of problems that constitute the current state of the situation from which they the long-term desirable status of the situation was built, with a proposed scenario in which the current problems have been modified - or reversed - to achieve an acceptable environmental quality status. The SAP represents for the different stakeholders who interact at the different levels of the life dynamics of in the area of the Gulf of Honduras, the framework for regional harmonization and coordination of a series of actions of interest to be executed by countries in the study area (Belize, Guatemala and Honduras), both at national and regional levels, thus contributing to a comprehensive management - harmonious and sustainable – of the natural resources of the Gulf of Honduras.

963: Environmental Protection and Maritime Transport Pollution Control of the Gulf of Honduras

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