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Replication and Scaling-Up Toolkit for IWRM in Pacific Island Countries

Toolkit for IWRM in Pacific Island Countries Summary of a Proposed Process for Planning Replication and Scaling-up of National IWRM Demonstration Activities in Pacific Island Countries With the help of the Project’s Steering Committee, PMU, PCU, Lead Agency, determine the preferred method of identifying, approving lessons and associated replication strategies. Stage Four: Reporting A proposed structure for drafting a National IWRM Replication and Scaling-up Plan is as follows: A SUMMARY - explaining why and how the plan was developed, setting out key learnings and discussing how these will be used to the benefit of the country and region ACKNOWLDGEMENTS - recognising the help that many people have given to make the work possible A LIST OF CONTENTS - to help the user find their way around the plan AN INTRODUCTION - providing more details about what has been done, why and how the BODY of the report will detail the learnings which will be typically grouped around the following themes: o Capacity / Performance o Coordination / Integration o Project Management o Stakeholder Engagement o Technical o Political o Socio - Cultural o Communications Additionally the Key Areas for Replication identified in the demonstration project document will be addressed in the body of the report.

2586: PAS Implementing Sustainable Integrated Water Resource and Wastewater Management in the Pacific Island Countries - under the GEF Pacific Alliance for Sustainability

01 Jan 2016


Replication and Scaling-Up Toolkit for IWRM in Pacific Island Countries.pdf