International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Taking action in transboundary basins (14 December 2017)

A 1 day workshop was organised with support from UNECE, WMO and GEF IW:LEARN on the 13th December convening a number of basin level representatives in particular ongoing GEF IW projects.

The workshop contributed to the GEF UNEP Floods and Droughts Management Tools project objectives regarding the TDA/SAP (or transboundary diagnostic analysis and strategic action programme) process. At the same time, the workshop helped fulfil GEF IW:LEARN’s face-to-face services to GEF projects, specifically through their ad-hoc twinning programme.

The workshop, which targeted GEF projects developing TDA and/or SAP (as well as other that could benefit), provided an introduction to the technical applications developed under the FDMT project, and more importantly, how the FDMT methodology and associated applications can be implemented in GEF projects to support the TDA and/or SAP processes.

Participants of the training included: 

  • Maria Apostalova (Amazon Cooperation Organization (ACTO))
  • Svetlana Dolgikh and Erkin Orolbaev (Kazakhstan Regional Centre of Hydrology in Central Asia)
  • Oleksandr Bon (Ukraine Ministry of Ecology)
  • Rizah Hajdari (Global Water Partnership Mediterranean)
  • Raul Glotzbach (International Water Association (IWA))
  • Oluf Zeilund Jessen, Per Hansen and Bertrand Richaud (UNEP DHI)
  • Mish Hamid and Natalie Degger (GEF IW:LEARN)
  • Ndara Rohallati (Lake Chad Basin Commission)
  • Abdoulaye Doumbia (Mano River Union Secretariat)
  • Lenka Thamae (Orange-Senqu River Commission (ORASECOM))
  • Ricardo Moreno (Ecuador Water Secretariat (SENAGUA))
  • Razaki Sanoussi (Volta Basin Authority (VBA))
  • Blaise-Leandre Tondo (Congo River Basin Commission CICOS)
  • Gabriel Hakizmana (Lake Tanganyika Authority (LTA))
  • Omari Mwinjaka (Lake Victoria Basin Commission)
  • Sonja Koeppel and Alexander Belokurov (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)