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Sustainable Tourism and Stakeholder Networking for SIDS II

Online course (registration required)
Organized by the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with Sustainable Travel International and the Hamburg Open Online University, this course lets you explore and assess the opportunities that sustainable tourism strategies offer for SIDS. This course will help you to think carefully and critically about current tourism policies.

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It illustrates through practical examples how policy-making can improve in the main SIDS regions. This interdisciplinary course is a stand-alone course for policy-makers and master students from related disciplines (e.g. policy or development economics). It can be taken parallel to work or study over a period of six weeks (Winter 2020). Prior to the active phase, learners can already register, make themselves familiar with the learning environment and browse through some content.

Work load: Equivalent to an estimated 3-4 hours per course week, depending on how deep you indulge in the material, discussion and interaction with other learners. By passing the final assignment, a certificate of completion will be awarded.

Requirements: To get the most out of this course, it is helpful if you have a B.A./BSc. level degree in a related field of study, e.g. political sciences, development policy or similar. As the course is held in English, you will need fluent English skills.

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