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Symposium Program - Asian Large Marine Ecosystems, Towards a Regional Assessment of Asian LMEs

25-26 Apr 2017, Bogor
A considerable body of data, knowledge and expertise on marine resources in Asia remains isolated in specific disciplinary silos and economic sectors. Many multidisciplinary and multisectoral studies and assessments are underway in the 12 Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs) of Asia.

The marine science community of Asia would benefit from improved frequency of exchanges of information on changing conditions of the five module natural and social sciences framework approach to ecosystem based management (EBM) supported by the time - series assessments of LME (i) productivity, (ii) fish & fisheries (iii) pollution and ecosystem health, (iv) socioeconomics and (v) governance. It is within this ecosystem-wide, broad framework approach of assessments by natural scientists and social scientists that progress is being made towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 for the oceans.

The Asian LME Symposium provided an opportunity to advance state-of-the-art knowledge for the best assessment and management practices for sustaining LME goods and services under the conditions of climate change.

The event gathered more than 50 participants, including representatives from 12 LME projects implemented in the region. It was a good start towards twinning activities in the region, which could be replicated in other regions. The symposium has shown that there is a great demand for experience and knowledge exchange.

LME:LEARN will continue assisting this initiative by providing technical support through training courses, technical missions and participation at similar events in the future.