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Online session - Multi-stakeholder Regional Dialogues: Key ingredients for success

4 October 2023, Online
Join us for an upcoming online interactive session on "Multi-stakeholder regional dialogues: Key ingredients for success", taking place on October 4th at 15.30 CEST.

Jointly hosted by GWP and GEF IW:LEARN, the session focuses on the potential of regional dialogues to advance transboundary cooperation and explores practical challenges. The speakers will present the evolution and results of regional dialogues fostered in the Southern and Eastern Europe, Southern Africa, South Asia and Central America. The presentations will focus on how regional multi-stakeholder dialogues facilitates advancement of transboundary water cooperation in different ways including: initiation or advancement of basin level cooperation or dialogues; adoption of regional frameworks in advancing cooperation. Key lessons from GWP’s recent publication “Multi-stakeholder regional dialogues: Pathways for advancing transboundary water cooperation “ will be highlighted.

Register via the link: Read more about the event from: Multi-stakeholder regional dialogues: Key ingredients for success (

Event will be in English with Spanish simultaneous translation. This is an online interactive session organized as part of MOOC for Governance on Transboundary Freshwater Security, developed by GWP, IW:LEARN and partners. The course is available to everyone and all video lectures and case studies are translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian.