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05 Dec 2018 by eve - manual - English GEF LME:LEARN Marine Spatial Planning Toolkit (2018)
The MSP toolkit provides MSP practitioners with practical guidance, examples of tools and methods that are necessary for designing and carrying out the MSP process in an LME (Large Marine Ecosystems).
04 Dec 2018 by eve - manual - English Environmental Economics for Marine Ecosystem Management Toolkit
The purpose of this toolkit is to show how environmental economic methods can be used to produce information to support decision-making in the context of LME, MPA, ICM, MSP and climate change adaptation.
04 Dec 2018 by eve - manual - English LME Governance Toolkit (2018)
This Governance “toolkit” provides an introduction into governance concepts relevant for Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) practitioners.
04 Dec 2018 by eve - manual - English Large Marine Ecosystems Strategic Approach Toolkit (2018)
Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) Projects are, by definition, “strategic” projects because they cover large territorial areas, involve many stakeholders at different levels and deal with the multiplicity of thematic subjects.
04 Dec 2018 by eve - manual - English Stakeholder Participation in Environmental Policy Toolkit (2018)
Environmental policy and management only succeed if key stakeholders feel engaged and have bought into the design of the actions concerned. The Toolkit for Stakeholder Participation in Environmental Policy provides practical guidance on how to ach...
27 Aug 2018 by eve - manual - English A Guide to Evaluating Marine Spatial Plans - IOC Manuals and Guide no.70 (2017)
While the marine community has often talked about the importance of “marine governance” or “marine ecosystem-based management”, it is only during the past 10-12 years that these concepts have been turned into operational activities some of which h...
27 Aug 2018 by eve - manual - English Marine Spatial Planning: a step-by-step approach toward ecosystem-based management. IOC Manual and Guides no. 53 (2009)
During recent years, marine spatial planning (MSP) has been the focus of considerable interest throughout the world, particularly in heavily used marine areas. MSP offers countries an operational framework to maintain the value of their marine bio...




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