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PRESS RELEASE - HELCOM supporting the development of cutting edge navigation technology

23 Aug 2013 | by
Since 2005, the Baltic region has had a system in place for gathering signals from all the so-called Automatic Identification System (AIS) devices on ships – the HELCOM AIS network. This network provides real-time surveillance and statistics of movement of ships, and is administered by the HELCOM AIS Working Group, meeting annually since 2002. E-navigation uses such information to create a second generation of electronic services for enhanced safety and environmental performance.

E-navigation, or future electronic means of navigation and services for mariners and other users, is the topic of a seminar hosted by HELCOM Secretariat and concluding today. The seminar is organized by the Baltic Sea Region e-Navigation Forum, established to offer guidance to national maritime authorities and other stakeholders and harmonize practices on e-Navigation. The participants represent several national administrations including Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden.