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Portfolio Bulletin World Oceans Day 2020 Special Issue

On the occasion of World Oceans Day 2020, we are celebrating the work and achievements
of the GEF IW marine portfolio by releasing a special edition newsletter featuring
articles from projects across the globe.

Knowledge and innovation to implement good practices
in wastewater treatment plants

GEF-WWF Mesoamerican Ridge to Reef

Championing resilient oceans for prosperity
GEF-World Bank/OECS Commission
Caribbean Regional Oceanscape

In Djirnda people are desperate to go back to fishing
Coastal Fisheries Initiative

Changing attitudes to spark restoration
of Blue Swimming Crabs in Thailand

GEF-UNEP/SEAFDEC Fisheries Refugia

New on-the-ground projects in the WIO to
promote marine ecosystem management


The Mediterranean Sea Programme (MedProgramme):
Enhancing environmental security

GEF-UNEP/MAP MedProgramme

Searching for ocean solutions with the private sector
GEF-UNDP/IMO GloFouling Partnerships

Toilets of the Caribbean: Small-scale solutions for
better water and sanitation in the Caribbean


Ecuador and Peru join efforts to promote
sustainable ocean management

GEF-UNDP/FAO Coastal Fisheries Initiative LAC

Moving towards a collaborative management
of the Arafura and Timor Seas

Arafura and Timor Seas Ecosystem Action

Innovation for a sustainable future
for the Kingdom of Tonga

GEF-UNDP/SPC Pacific Ridge to Reef Project

The CLME+ Hub and the wider Caribbean

Benguela Current Convention celebrates
World Oceans Day

GEF-UNDP/BCC Benguela LME SAP Implementation

Guiding the Timor-Leste aquaculture decree law
GEF-FAO Indonesian Sea LME
GEF IW:LEARN Partner Events

Take part in the official United Nations World Oceans Day 2020 virtual event!
Monday • 8 June 2020
10AM - 5PM EDT

On World Oceans Day, IOC is organizing the first-ever Virtual Ocean Literacy Summit
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