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GEF Council agrees on $700 million for urgent environmental action

The Global Environment Facility (GEF)’s governing body, meeting remotely, has agreed on $700 million for projects and programs to help developing countries keep advancing urgent environmental priorities through and beyond the coronavirus pandemic. The new and expanded programming under the GEF-7 replenishment cycle spans oceans, chemicals, land use, wildlife trafficking, green shipping, and climate change adaptation, and the LDCF work program focuses on helping vulnerable countries and communities continue to build their climate resilience. The GEF Council also selected a new CEO and Chairperson, Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, who will take over from Naoko Ishii in August.

[GEF-UNDP/IOC LME:LEARN] The GEF LME:LEARN project has developed ten policy briefs on various subjects covering areas where particular LMEs have achieved some innovative approach or result. The aim was to succinctly evaluate policy options regarding these ten specific issues for government policymakers, and those who are interested in formulating or influencing policy, to convince them of the urgency to adopt the preferred alternative or course of action outlined and therefore, serve as an impetus for action.

[Various GEF IW Projects] PEMSEA, an intergovernmental organization supported by the GEF, UNDP and partner countries, and operating in East Asia to foster and sustain healthy and resilient oceans, coasts, communities and economies across the region, reported in its 2019 Annual Report achieving ICM coverage of the region’s coastline at 37.9%, surpassing its 2021 target of 25%, among other milestones reached.

[GEF-AfDB/NELSAP/NBI LEAF II] The Lakes Edward and Albert Integrated Fisheries and Water Resources Management Project (LEAF II) which covers the tran-boundary lakes Edward and Albert between DR Congo and Uganda, completed the first-ever comprehensive surveys on the fishing effort and fish catch on both lakes. The Project has also completed the construction of five fish landing sites on both lakes.

[GEF-UNDP Yellow Sea LME II] Anchored on ecosystem-based principles, the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem Phase II Project has been advancing innovations by facilitating research, best practices, integrated policies, new tools/technologies, and collaborative works to address key transboundary issues in the Yellow Sea. In collaboration with various partners, the project launched three videos showcasing some of these initiatives and innovations in the Yellow Sea region.

[GEF-UNDP Kura II] The Kura II Project organized an online art competition dedicated to the 2020 Earth Day celebration, in partnership with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, the UNDP Country Offices Azerbaijan and Georgia, as well as NGO Environment and Development and Arts Council of Azerbaijan. A total of 129 participants between 6 to 17 years from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, China and India submitted their art works.

[GEF] Christian Severin is the GEF’s Coordinator for the International Waters focal area. In an interview in advance of World Oceans Day, he charted his academic and professional path spanning all aspects of water management, from sanitation to irrigation to problem-solving around transboundary rivers and oceans. He also reflected on the power of a vibrant community of practice in the international waters space.

GEF IW:LEARN Partner Updates

[FAO] The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture (SOFIA) projects total fish production will increase to 204 million tonnes in 2030, or up 15 per cent. Aquaculture, or fish farming, is also expected to surpass its current level of 82 million tonnes: another record. As the world’s appetite for fish and fish products shows no signs of slowing down, failure to apply effective fisheries management measures threatens both food security and livelihoods.
[GEF] Costa Rican Environment and Energy Minister Carlos Manuel Rodriguez has been selected as the next CEO and Chairperson of the Global Environment Facility, the largest multilateral trust fund supporting environmental action in developing countries and the main financing mechanism for multiple United Nations environmental conventions.


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