International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Newsletter 1 - 2016

We know you haven’t heard from us in a while and for that we are sorry.  But good news!  The next phase of the Global Environment Facility’s IW: LEARN and LME: LEARN projects is up and running and waiting to hear from you.

The IW: LEARN team is working tirelessly to bring you a new and improvedIW: LEARN portal and a brand-new IW: LEARN newsletter.  The new website is still under construction but we’re ready to get started with the newsletter now.

We Need You!

We are searching for the latest and greatest news from the GEF International Waters community to showcase in both the newsletter and the news section of the new website.  3000 subscribers are waiting to hear about your project.  Please send us your story now and let them know what you’re up to!