International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Guide for submitting a news story to GEF IW:LEARN

In order to streamline the process and save time, kindly watch this video explaining the details of writing an article for submission to GEF IW:LEARN.
Key guidelines for the article submissions:

  • Maximum 800 words
  • Include some high-resolution photos with captions and credits
    Please note the photos cannot be a part of the text document, and will have to be sent as separate files (.png or .jpeg)
  • Include one high-resolution photo in landscape format that can be used as a header, including captions and credits (see previous stories for examples of this)
  • A video from YouTube or Vimeo can be added to the story if desired (with link, caption and credits)
  • If you have any website sources, include links as these will be hyperlinked
  • Keep the title short, concise and informative, as much as possible with no acronyms please

Please include the following in your submission:

  • News story in Word/Writer document
  • Quality photos as separate .png or .jpeg files
  • Captions and credits for photos
  • Sources/references of your text if you have links, to be included as hyperlinks
  • Implementing agencies
  • GEF IW project website/page link
  • Name and contact details of project coordinator

 The deadline for submissions is every second Thursday of the month.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with for any questions.