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From Coast to Coast: Celebrating 20 Years of Transboundary Management of Our Shared Oceans

Photos from the GEF publication "From Coast to Coast: Celebrating 20 Years of Transboundary Management of Our Shared Oceans" published in 2015

3900 - MENARID GEF IW:LEARN: Strengthening IW Portfolio Delivery and Impact

Meeting on “Managing Groundwater in Coastal Areas and SIDS”
2014 IW:LEARN PSC Meeting in Washington
AMP Sierra Leone
Anchovy fishing boat (Michael Akester)
Artisanal fish trap, Malaysia (Yvonne Sadovy, APEC)
Artisanal fisherman, Kei Islands, Indonesia (Yvonne Sadovy, SCRFA)
Artisanal fishermen's home, Indonesia (Yvonne Sadovy)
Artisanal fishing canoes on the beach of a Marine Protected Area in Kayar, Senegal (Sub Regional Fisheries Commission)
Agulhas-Somali Current LME (Lucy Scott)
Asian Golden Mussel (
Barbados (Hanneke Van Lavieren)
Beach, Antigua & Barbuda (Patrick Debels)
Beaches at Akumal Mexico, (Hanneke Van Lavieren)
Belize Caranx 2012 (Robin Mahon)
Belize reef, seagrasses and mangroves (Jason Valdez..Marine Photobank)
Cape Town (LucyScott)
Caribbean spiny lobster (Mark Butler)
Cd del Carmen Paloma LGP ONUDI
Children enjoying the beach in Akumal Mexico. Coastal tourism in the Caribbean (Hanneke Van Lavieren)
Coral reef, Belize (Stu Seldon)
Coral reef, Belize (Stu Seldon)
Coral reef, San Andres, Columbia (Patrick Debels)
Crews respond to Deepwater Horizon oil spill (J Henry Fair 2010, Marine Photobank)
Double-rigged shrimp trawler with bag of one net on board (Robert K. Brigham - NOAA's Fisheries Collection)
EAS Congress 2012 Changwon Declaration (PEMSEA)
Ebobola Gabon Congo river basin
Egypt W Mediterranean Coast (Yves de Soye)
Farmers Training Day, Jamaica Demo Project
Fisherman selling catch at market, Indonesia (Raymond Kacso. Marine Photobank)
Fisherman, Indonesia (© Wolcott Henry 2005. Marine Photobank)
Fishermen at sunset, Indonesia (© Wolcott Henry 2005. Marine Photobank)
Fishing boats in mangroves Jamaica. (Hanneke Van Lavieren)
Fishing boats on Tarrafal Beach, Santiago, Cape Verde (Yves de Soye)
Fishing boats, Thailand (Scott Lillico. Marine Photobank)
Flock of Great White Pelicans (Pelecanus onocrotalus), a common sight along the West African coast (Yves de Soye)
Fresh anchovy catch (Michael Akester)
GCLME_Togo phosphate mine Cd effluent (Christian Susan)
Getting fish ready for processing in a landing site, Sierra Leone (Sub Regional Fisheries Commission)
GIA Founding Partners, 2 March 2009 (GloBallast)
Giant clam harvested from many km of reef Indonesia (Andrew H Baird. Marine Photobank)
Grenadines (Robin Mahon)
Mangroves Portland Bight protected area, Jamaica (Hanneke van Lavieren)
Harmful algal bloom (Chip Baumberger. Marine Photobank)
Honorable Bernhardt Esau, Minister Fisheries Marine Resources, BCC Office opening (Nico Willemse)
Humboldt Current. Boat ready to offload (Michael Akester)
Improving public awareness, Lao PDR (PEMSEA, Sedone, Lao PDR)
Krirbati (Secretariat of the Pacific Community)
Lesser and greater flamingos foraging in coastal tidal flats, Namibia (Andrew Dansie)
Lionfish and reef, Caribbean (Patrick Debels)
Local fish catch, Sierra Leone (Sub Regional Fisheries Commission)
Madagascar (LucyScott)
Mangrove restoration team (Javier Acevedo Garcia)
Marine resources provide important subsistence income for local people, Philippines (Andy Hooten, CRTR)
Monitoring, Batangas (PEMSEA_Batangas PMO)
Moray eel (Patrick Debels)
Nassau small boat with conch (Robin Mahon, 04 June 2001)
Outdoor lecture, Buccoo, Courland Watershed, Tobago
PD_SanAndres reef
Peruvian anchovy (Michael Akester)
Pradipta Ray, Paddy's point of view
Public awareness raising, Sihanouk Province, Cambodia (PEMSEA Preah Sihanouk Province)
Queen conch catch, St. Lucia (Hanneke Van Lavieren)
Rasseled wobbegong (carpet shark), Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Reef and diver, San Andres Island, Columbia
Salted and fermented processed fish by sun drying in a Marine Protected Area, Senegal (Sub Regional Fisheries Commission)
Samoa market (Secretariat of the Pacific Community)
Scarborough WWTP Process tank
School of tuna (FAO)
Sea birds, Humboldt Current (Michael Akester)
Seal colony, Big Sur California (Yves de Soye)
Shewbury WWTP discharge pipe (April 2012)
Shewsbury WWTP. Clarifier not working, April 2012 (Donna Spencer)
Signing of the Legal Personality Agreement in 2009 (PEMSEA)
Silky sharks near oil rig. Gulf of Mexico (Jake Levenson, Marine Photobank)
Skiffs in Kiribati (Secretariat of the Pacific Community)
Small outrigger artisanal fishing boats moored off a village in the central Philippines (Yvonne Sadovy, SCRFA)
Squid drying on racks. Thailand. (Timana Photography, Julie McGowan, Marine Photobank)
Stingray. San Andres Island, Columbia (Patrick Debels)
Tanker releasing ballast water (Edwin Grandcourt)
Tanzania (Lucy Scott)
Thailand coast (Lina Oliveros, Marine Photobank)
Traditional fish drying for preservation Indonesia (Sebastian Ferse, 2007, Marine Photobank)
Tuna stored in brine at market, Solomon Islands (Secretariat of the Pacific Community)
Water sampling
Women and skipjack tuna in Kiribati (Secretariat of the Pacific Community)