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Testing a Prototype Caribbean Regional Fund for Wastewater Management (CReW)

The degradation of the Caribbean marine environment caused by the discharge of untreated wastewater is a serious concern for those countries whose livelihoods depend heavily on their natural marine resources. Recent scientific studies concur that “sewage pollution from land-based sources and from ships has been the most pervasive form of contamination of the coastal environment”.

Training in Appropriate Technologies 2012
Wastewater Treatment Plant for upgrade Jamaica
Participants, CReW Facilitation Training, May 2013
Neglect at old Wastewater Treatment Plant
Ministers and officials at High Level Session 2013
Longville Wastewater Treatment Plant , equipment awaiting installation
Great CReW Workshop
Facultative pond system
CReW Project Launch February 2012
CReW Panel Discussion, Second Project Steering Committee
CReW Facilitation Workshop, May 2013
CReW Exhibit, Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association 2013
CReW Exhibit Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association 2012
CReW at Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association 2013 Students Day
CReW & GWPC High Level Session discussions 2013
Clarifier not working, Shewsbury Wastewater Treatment Plant
Chris Corbin presents at the Highlevel Session of Ministers, October 2013
Arcadia Wastewater Treatment Plant in need of upgrade