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Edit Integrated and Sustainable Management of Transboundary Water Resources in the Amazon River Bas

Objective of the project is to o strengthen, in a coordinated and coherent manner, the institutional framework for planning and executing activities for the protection and sustainable management of the water resources of the Amazon River Basin, endeavoring to realize a shared vision of sustainable development in the region based upon the protection and integrated management of transboundary water resources and adaptation to climatic changes.

Inventory of Water Quality and Pollution Sources
Adaptation Sea Level Rise Maraj-Delta Amaz River
Adaptation Sea Level Rise Maraj
Governance Transboundary subbasin Purus River
Amazonas Sub-basins Pur Basins
Pilot Groundwater Use Manaus
Research Geochemistry of Sediments Madeira River
Research Aquatic Ecosystem Ariranha
Research Aquatic Ecosystem Fish
Understanding Natural Resource base
Understanding Natural Resource base
Understanding Natural Resource base
Amazonas with1000 tributaries rivers
Developing a vision for the Amazon Basin
Needs andGoals of the Amazonian Society
Needs and Goals ofthe Amazonian Society
Understanding the Amazonian Society