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Implementing Integrated Water Resource and Wastewater Management in Atlantic and Indian Ocean SIDS

The constraints to effective water resource management can be summarised generally as an absence of effective strategy and policy; the absence of workable and intersectoral legislative and institutional mechanisms, inadequate financial sustainability; absence of a strategy to deal with extreme or chronic events that threaten the resources (e.g. flooding, drought, saltwater intrusion); lack of access to or awareness of appropriate and cost-effective technologies and methodologies; inadequate capacity at the institutional and individual level; an imbalance between long-term planning for development and that for resource and environmental sustainability; short-term strategies for the prioritisation of water needs (tourism and agriculture); and inadequate information to support sustainable policy-making and management strategies.

2706 - Implementing Integrated Water Resource and Wastewater Management in Atlantic and Indian Ocean SIDS

São Tomé and Principe-washing in the river
São Tomé and Principe-multiple use of water resources on limited space
São Tomé and Principe-little brook emptying into the sea
São Tomé and Principe -the sea in front of the house
Sey-participatory planning on site for freshwater management
Sey-managing valuable groundwater for human consumption
Sey-integrating marshland protection in water management
Sey-discussing best practices for rainwater harvesting
Seychelles-participatory planning and exchange of experience
Seychelles-checking on water quality
SaoTome&Principe-River basin management
Mauritius-Water quality monitoring
Mauritius-integrated aquifer management
Mauritius-discussing drinking water quality
Maldives-roof rainwater harvesting
Maldives-rising sea level threatens population
Every drop counts-Maldives
CapeVerde-discussing re-use of treated wastewater for irrigation
CapeVerde-bringing home fresh water from the well
1st Steering Committee Meeting