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Strengthening the Implementation Capacities for Nutrient Reduction and Transboundary Cooperation in

The long-term development objective of the proposed Danube Regional Project is to contribute to sustainable human development in the DRB through reinforcing the capacities of the participating countries in developing effective mechanisms for regional cooperation and coordination in order to ensure protection of international waters, sustainable management of natural resources and biodiversity.

Serbia iron gate
Romania Danube defile boatmen
Romania tow boat
Romania Danuve defile
Romania gate church tug boat
Romania stork
Romania Delta bird
Romania delta pelicans
Romania Tulcea bay
Romania delta channel tourist boat
Romania delta channel logs
Romania delta channel
Romania delta channel tents
Romania delta channel boatmen
Romania delta channel boat
Romania Turnu Nagurele factory river
Romania water lily
Romania Flower River
Serbia promenade
Slovakia Cunovo rafting
Slovakia Cunovo raftboy
Slovakia Bratislava
Slovakia kayak
Slovakia Gabcikovo family
Hungary Mohacs ferry
Hungary rowing
Hungary veresegyhaz waterlily
Hungary veresegyhaz flowers
Hungary veresegyhaz fishermen