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Sustaining Large Marine Ecosystems: The Human Dimension

Hennessey, T.M. and J.G. Sutinen, eds. Published in 2005 as part of the Large Marine Ecosystem Series by Elsevier Science. The Netherlands.371p. This is the first book ever published that focuses on the human dimension of large marine ecosystem management

The shift away from the management of individual resources to the broader perspective of ecosystems is no longer confined to academia and think tanks where it first began; the ecosystem paradigm also is beginning to take root in government policy and programs. This volume provides innovative and timely approaches for improving and sustaining socioeconomic benefits from LMEs. 

The authors describe methodologies and actions for moving forward in halting the downward resource sustainability spiral and advancing toward the recovery of depleted fish stocks, restoration of degraded habitats, and reduction and control of pollution within the framework of an ecosystem-based approach for the governance of LMEs.

Key Features:

  • First book to ever publish that focuses on the human dimension of large marine ecosystem management
  • Offers set of guidelines for possible interrelationship management programs
  • Addresses taxing issues and problems pertaining to the world's marine ecosystems
  • Provides a matrix of the interdependence of economic, social, cultural and governance elements

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