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5.5 - Training workshop on the TDA/SAP process

Meetings and Workshops

A series of meetings or workshops are likely to be held during the TDA development phase – the number and style of which will vary from project to project according to the time, funds and human resources available.

The following Sections present an example of a meeting and workshop programme that contains 5 events to be run during the TDA development phase, although it is possible to reduce that number to as little as 2 events by undertaking more tasks at a particular meeting or increasing the length of the meetings or workshops. The 5 events are:

  1. Training Workshop on the TDA/SAP process
  2. TDA launch meeting
  3. Causal Chain Analysis Workshop
  4. Thematic Report Meeting
  5. Final TDA Review Meeting

Training Workshop on the TDA/SAP process

During this workshop, the TDA development team participate in a 2 to 3 day training course on the GEF TDA/SAP process. The training course is based on this Wiki and will give the participants a good working understanding of the key steps for both the TDA development and SAP formulation.

The training course is ideally delivered at the water system level (i.e. involving all the participating countries) to allow the participants to gain insights and different perceptions on the water system and the TDA/SAP process. However, it is possible to deliver the training at a national or even sub-national level as a means of selecting key national representatives to the process.