International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Collaborative workshop for identifying leverage points

Length of Workshop:

Approximately 3 - 4 hours


Small group (approximately 5 -7) of key TDA Development Team members – ensure that the group members working on this process cover all the areas of expertise needed.


To identify leverage point where changes can be made in the water system

The Task:

In a small group, or individually

  • Review thew the transboundary problemsimpactscausal chains and thematic reports.
  • Where, in this map of cause-and-effect relationships, would an intervention appear to have the largest potential for the broadest possible, positive influence on water system?
  • Identify the leverage points – either graphically in the TDA materials and/or in list form

Remind the Teams, if necessary, that the Leverage Points are places to make change in the system, and not the specific changes or solutions to be introduced.  Identifying what changes to introduce in the system is part of the strategic thinking process.


  • A full list of leverage points with appropriate reference back to the TDA
  • Annotated list of discussion comments from TDA Development Team