International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Collaborative workshop for determining environmental and socio-economic impacts

Length of Workshop:

Approximately 4 hours + of the first TDA Development Workshop


Initially in plenary to describe the process followed by small breakout groups. After plenary, TDA Development Team members divide into groups of between 3 and 8. Groups can be by discipline, transboundary problem or mixed. It is important not to organise by country if at all possible. Preferably, the Project Manager will define the groups prior to the workshop. At the end of the group work, each working group should report back in plenary.


To reach a consensus between the TDA Development Team of the key environmental and socio-economic impacts for each priority transboundary problem.

The Task:

  1. Each group: Decide on a facilitator/chair, a rapporteur and ensure all members know each other.
  2. Take one of the priority transboundary problems and identify:
  3. The environmental impacts
  4. The direct and indirect socio-economic impacts
  5. Make linkages between impacts and other transboundary problems
  6. Identify geographical location(s) of impacts/consequences

3. Allow a set time period for each transboundary problem, e.g. 30 minutes

Report back and discussion:

In plenary, ask for feedback from each group. Limit the time for each group (e.g. 5 minutes) and keep a close eye on timekeeping. Allow time for a critical discussion within the group and ensure all comments are captured by a rapporteur.


  • Comprehensive list of environmental and socio-impacts for the priority transboundary problems with information on linkages between impacts and problems
  • Information on geographical location(s) of impacts
  • Annotated list of discussion comments from TDA Development Team