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5.2 - Planning the TDA/SAP process


Crucial to the development of an effective TDA and SAP is the planning process that underpins it. Each project will manage the TDA and SAP development processes differently.

This Manual describes a simple stepwise process for planning for and managing the TDA and the SAP based on the experiences of a number of projects over the last 8 years. Its intention is not to be prescriptive, rather to give an indication of the planning and management activities required. It is divided in two Subsections:

1. Key planning steps for the TDA development phase

2. Key planning steps for the SAP development phase

It also introduces checklists of actions that are required during the TDA and SAP phases with an indication of who is likely to be the lead individual or organisation for the action, who else is involved and who approves the action.

Managing Expectations

One aspect of project management undertaken during the TDA/SAP is about managing expectations. The complexity and level of detail of the TDA and SAP developed during the project will be a reflection of the time, funds and human resources available and it may be necessary to carefully manage the expectations of not only project staff and TDA/SAP Development Team members but also the steering committee, key stakeholders in the participating countries and the respective implementing and executing agencies.

More details on managing expectations can be found in the Project Management Manual.