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5.10 - Next Steps in the TDA process

Adoption by the Steering Committee

The draft TDA document should be thoroughly reviewed by the TDA Development team and key stakeholders to ensure it is fit-for-purpose and can be adopted by the project steering committee. It is advisable to ensure that copies of the TDA document are circulated well in advance of this meeting to ensure the review process is successful.

To ensure that the TDA is adopted by the project steering committee, it is important for the Project Manager to carefully develop the meeting agenda and well manage the steering committee meeting. Key agenda points for the TDA should include:

  • General overview of the TDA components
  • The TDA development process
  • Discussion of the TDA contents
  • Linkage between the TDA and the SAP development process

Government Acceptance

According to the GEF and the Implementing Agencies, the TDA should be a non-negotiated document – that is it should be a technical document, agreed to by the TDA development team and the PCU and adopted by the Steering Committee.

However, experience has show that in reality, this is frequently not the case. Often, governments will want to examine and approve the TDA. Although this is not ideal, it is a reality and the project will need to take this into account.