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5.9 - Final TDA review meeting


The objective of this meeting is two-fold:

  • To review the draft TDA document
  • To identify the key leverage points in the TDA

Review of the draft TDA document

The various workshops, meetings and reports conducted during the TDA development will have produced a great deal of material that will be integrated into one document – the TDA. Details on the integration and TDA drafting can be found in the Section dealing with Drafting the TDA.

The draft TDA document should be thoroughly reviewed by the TDA development team and key stakeholders to ensure it is fit-for-purpose and can be adopted by the project steering committee. It is advisable to ensure that copies of the TDA document are circulated well in advance of this meeting to ensure the review process is successful.

There may also be a need for a national consultation on the TDA document, either before or after the TDA development team has reviewed it. Potentially, this could add a great deal of time to the process but it would ensure that there is full consensus between the participating countries.

Identification of the key leverage points in the TDA

This workshop is a critical linking step between the TDA and the SAP. The TDA development team, and other key stakeholders need to review the transboundary problems, impacts, causal chains and governance analysis and identify key leverage points. For example, where in this map of cause-and-effect relationships, could interventions occur that have the largest potential for the broadest possible, positive influence on water system? More details on the structure of leverage point workshop can be found in here.