International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

River basins and estuaries


Transboundary Environmental Problems

Rio de la Plata

  • Chemical pollution (including oil)
  • Microbiological pollution
  • Eutrophication and harmful algal blooms
  • Suspended solids
  • Introduction of exotic species
  • Alteration / Destruction of natural habitats
  • Loss of biological diversity

Dnipro River Basin

  • Chemical pollution
  • Radionuclide pollution
  • Eutrophication
  • Loss/modification of ecosystems or ecotones
  • Flooding events and elevated groundwater levels
  • Modification of the hydrological regime

Kura-Aras River Basin

  • Variation and Reduction of Hydrological Flow
  • Deterioration of Water Quality
  • Ecosystem Degradation in the River Basin
  • Flooding events

Cubango-Okavango River Basin

  • Variation and reduction of hydrological flow
  • Changes in the abundance and distribution of biota
  • Changes in sediment dynamics
  • Changes in water quality

Orange-Senqu River Basin

  • Stress on ground and surface water resources
  • Changes to Hydrological Regime
  • Deterioration of water quality
  • Land degradation