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Process for Defining the Vision and Drafting a Vision Statement

Steps in the process

This step can be successfully accomplished through two sub-steps:

Step 1: Collaborative development of a vision

Step 2: Drafting of the vision statement based on the outputs from Step 1

Step 1: Collaborative development of a vision

This step can be successfully accomplished through a collaborative workshop involving the SAP Development team supplemented with additional specialists if the Project Manager considers that it has too narrow a focus. An example of a visioning workshop is given here.

It is likely that this workshop will represent one up to 6 workshops that could be run during the Strategic Thinking phase. The number will depend on the time, funds and human resources available for the task and it may be necessary to divide the 6 workshops over two or three meetings.

Step 2: Drafting of the vision statement based on the outputs from Step 1

It is highly probably that the outputs from the visioning workshop will only provide a starting point for the Vision Statement. The SAP Development Team (or selected members of the team) will need to take the group vision statements and combine them into a single statement.

This task is not as daunting as it may seem. In most instances, the small groups will come up with very similar statements. Often, the only difficult part is wordsmithing the final statement. Once the statement is completed, it should be circulated amongst the SAP Team and others active in the visioning process to have an opportunity to make sure the statement captures what was actually said at the workshop. Any modifications should be done at this time.