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What do we mean by Innovation?

Once the leverage points from the TDA have been identified, and the vision and goals have been agreed, it is necessary to begin working on what to change. For strategic planning, vague or general ideas are not enough – ultimately, you need to choose actions to take.

The word innovation[1] is used very broadly here to mean any kind of change introduced to a system, regardless of whether it’s a new thing. The kinds of changes introduced can include new policies, projects, programmes, technologies, attitudes etc. Ultimately, choices of innovation are based on a combination of criteria, such as expected reduction in the impact of the transboundary problems, chances of success, and capacity to sustain the change over the longer term – these are the basics of a ‘good idea’.

The purpose of this step in the strategic thinking phase is to brainstorm potential innovative ideas and opportunities that will target the leverage points, help achieve the goals, and reduce the impact of each transboundary problem.

[1] Alan AtKisson, The ISIS Agreement