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In addition to the issues and impacts indicated for rivers the following should also be considered for lakes:

  • Temperature / stratification / turnover (including impacts of change in wind regime)
  • Level (increase and decrease) and impacts on margin ecosystems
Case Study on approaches adopted by UNDP/GEF Lake Baikal project to climate change

In preparing a TDA as part of the Lake Baikal SAP the national climate reports prepared by the countries (for example in Mongolia UNEP and UNDP prepared reports in 2009) were utilised. These were supplemented by additional UNDP and UNFCCC guidance (for example see references 9 and bibliography contained in 34).

The demonstration activities are concentrating on reducing anthropogenic threats, habitat fragmentation and degradation. All project pilot activities will include climate change estimation and recommendations for changing policy and reducing external stressors on the ecosystems and increasing its resilience to potential climate change.