International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Making use of published climate change guidance

GEF IW Projects face the challenge of the multiplicity of guidance that is available from international bodies, national authorities, regional commissions, academic studies etc. Part 3 of this guidance provides a 'guide to the guides' and where relevant these are linked to the information in this section.

Linkages are made to available guidance (Part 3) to further assist IW projects identify potential relevant assistance and experiences. Linkages are also made to other IW:LEARN manuals (specifically the TDA/SAP and the Project Management Manuals). These references are classified under the following categories (see Part 3 for more information on these categories):

  • Web portals
  • Policy guidance
  • Practical guidance and tools
  • Adaptation methodology
  • Training/capacity building on climate change and adaptation
  • Public/stakeholder involvement
  • Water type information on:

Where available GEF IW project experiences are included within the references/bibliography in Part 3.