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01 Jan 2016 | Image   btn03planning
This section describes a simple stepwise process for planning for and managing the TDA and the SAP based on the experiences of a number of projects over the last 8 years.
01 Jan 2016 | File   A framework to investigate the economic growth impact of sea level rise
AIMED AT: Policy makers, economic experts PURPOSE: To analyse economic impacts of sea level rise, which is less analysed aspect of climate change GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: Global TECHNICAL AREA: To investigate the possibility that sea level rise impacts...
01 Jan 2016 | File   Adaptation in Europe Addressing risks and opportunities from climate change in the context of socio-economic developments
AIMED AT: Policy makers PURPOSE: This report draws on the experience of existing adaptation strategies and actions, promotes better informed decision-making in key vulnerable sectors and improved resilience across the EU. It supports the implemen...
01 Jan 2016 | File   Adaptation to Climate Change and Strategic Environmental Assessment
AIMED AT: SEA practitioners PURPOSE: The objective of this report is to make an example if Strategic Environmental Assessment is a useful tool to facilitate decision- making in the light of climate change GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: EU TECHNICAL AREA: To i...
AIMED AT: Planners and stakeholders who cope with a changing climate PURPOSE: The USAID Global Climate Change Team developed this Adaptation Guidance Manual to assist Missions and other partners to understand how climate change may affect their pr...
01 Jan 2016 | File   Adapting to coastal climate change: A guidebook for development planners
AIMED AT: Policymakers and practitioners PURPOSE: Guidebook is both a tool in itself and a link to other resources to help with efforts to build resiliency against the impacts of climate change GEOGRAPHIC AREA: coastal zones and world oceans (appr...
01 Jan 2016 | Image   An Example of a Transboundary Problem in the Dnieper River Basin
01 Jan 2016 | Image   An Example of a Transboundary Problem in the Mediterranean Sea
01 Jan 2016 | File   ASCLME Best Practices Presentation
01 Jan 2016 | File   ASCLME Project Administration and Finance Officer
01 Jan 2016 | File   Black Sea - TOR for the Preparation of a Revised and Updated TDA and SAP
01 Jan 2016 | File   BOBLME Communications Strategy
This document details a communications strategy for the BOBLME Project. An outline of communications activities and a relationship strategy for 2010 is included.
01 Jan 2016 | File   BOBLME Indicators
It was agreed that BOBLME indicators were to assist in assessing the BOBLME’s Project’s progress in meeting its objective- to improve the lives of the coastal populations through improved regional management of the Bay of Bengal environment an...
01 Jan 2016 | File   BOBLME SAP Process Development Workshop
BOBLME Project National Coordinators and independent Strategic Action Programme (SAP) Experts met in Phuket, Thailand on 15-17 February 2012
01 Jan 2016 | File   BOBLME TDA Confirmation Meeting
BOBLME Project National Coordinators and National TDA Consultation managers met in Phuket, Thailand on 13-14 February 2012
01 Jan 2016 | File   BOBLME TDA Consultation Planning Workshop
Consultation Workshop (As the TDA was produced using national and thematic reports, and expert synthesis - it was considered essential to have extensive national consultations on the TDA. The resulting reports from national consultations are likew...
01 Jan 2016 | File   CCLME Approach to recording Co-finance - 2011 Annual National Report
According to the CCLME M&E Plan the Annual National Reports should be prepared by the National Interministerial Committees (NICs) according to a format provided by the RCU and submitted to the RCU each year. The reports should include (i) informat...
01 Jan 2016 | File   Climate Change 2007: Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability - Chapter 3: Fresh Water Resources and their Management
The report makes the following observations: • The impacts of climate change on freshwater systems and their management are mainly due to the observed and projected increases in temperature, sea level and precipitation variability (very high con...
01 Jan 2016 | File   Climate Change Adaptation and Development
UNDP methodologies and resources to support countries in adaptation initiatives: Adaptation Policy Framework (APF): A comprehensive guidebook for countries to help design and implement adaptation strategies, policies, and measures which ensure ...
01 Jan 2016 | File   Climate Change Adaptation: The Pivotal Role of Water
Water is the primary medium through which climate change influences Earth’s ecosystem and thus the livelihood and well-being of societies. Higher temperatures and changes in extreme weather conditions are projected to affect availability and dis...