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How to manage IW projects working on ecosystems restoration (Kura-Dniester Twinning, 4-5 June 2018)

The Kura River basin (shared by Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan) is very much advanced from the perspective of the implementation of the GEF TDA/SAP methodology (working on an SPA update) and the Dniester River basin (Poland, Ukraine and Moldova) is at its initial project stage (TDA development). The vast experience from the Kura, particularly, on the project management and implementation could be of great value to the Dniester project.

The Kura-Dniester partnership was developed under the GEF IW:LEARN Phase 4 Programmatic Twinning activity to strengthen capacity on key thematic priorities or develop enhanced project-project cooperation. 

During this first exchange the following topics were covered:

Project management:

  • administration,
  • time management,
  • budget management,
  • reporting,
  • team building and management,
  • M&E,
  • Project Steering Committee,
  • gender strategy.

Project implementation:

  • TDA and SAP: timeline, number of experts, common challenges and solutions, 
  • demo projects,
  • communication strategy (within a project team, with beneficiaries and stakeholders, other projects),
  • public participation,
  • involvement of business,
  • participation in IW:Learn activities,
  • experiences with bathimetry, water balance, ecosystems restoration,
  • economic valuation / ecosystems services,
  • hydropower development and environmental protection goals,
  • preparation of a project proposal for the SAP implementation.

The Kura Regional Project Manager received insights from the Dniester experience on the EU WFD approaches, water balance and climate change adaptation activities.

A second exchange is planned for April 2019.