International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

From the Amazon Basin to the Caribbean Sea (7-13 May 2017)

Moving forward in managing the impacts of climate change and amazon sediment/nutrient discharge and building resilience of vulnerable coastal ecosystems and communities.

The activity got great attention and support from the Government and the Organization of the lawyers of the State of Pará and from the regional media. During the last two days the members of the Workshop visited the interface Amazon-Atlantic at the Island Algodoal, located in a so-called Protected Area (APA), where the participants had the opportunity to visit the mangroves and to assist a lecture of the APA supervisor.

Outcomes of the Twinning Exchange: 

  • Mutual learning and enhanced common understanding of the production, transport, deposition and impacts of sediments and nutrients from the Amazon basin in the Caribbean region.
  • The partner organizations and projects will benefit through the development and implementation of a common Amazon-Caribbean collaborative/joint program based on a priority list of projects to bridge knowledge gaps and to adapt to the impacts of sedimentation and nutrient flows into the Caribbean and North Brazilian Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem regions. Although, the WS will have a supportive effect on the implementation of the Caribbean SAP and other similar projects.

Outputs of the Twinning Exchange:

  1. The draft of a Project proposal focused on COASTAL ENVIRONMENT, SEDIMENTATION AND CLIMATE CHANGE – planning and management of coastal areas and marine ecosystems of the Amazon-Guyana’s-Caribbean region
  2. Implementation of a coordination committee to develop and submit the project proposal to international donors.

For more information, please consult the accompanying Twinning Exchange Experience note.