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GEF IW:LEARN International Waters Project Management Course

Online course (currently closed)
The course is intended to be a primer for new GEF International Waters project staff and key stakeholders (implementing and executing agency staff, government officials and civil society partners) to understand the processes and approaches used in GEF IW projects.

The course is available at:


While there is no standard approach to GEF IW projects, the course and Manual are intended to be a comprehensive guide to managing these specific types of projects. Together, these two learning opportunities provide a common understanding of the expectations of GEF IW projects and to emphasize that Project Managers and Project Coordination Unit (PCU) staff should not be reticent in asking advice from more seasoned peers in our community, and GEF IW:LEARN.

What does the International Waters Project Management Online Course address?

The main focus of this online Project Management Course is on GEF IW specific requirements within projects. This includes key issues such as:

  • Roles and responsibilities throughout the project, from start-up to closure;
  • Monitoring and evaluation including the adaptation of logical frameworks (log-frames) and reporting against indicators;
  • Communications management, creating partnerships and raising public awareness;
  • Information management and reporting;
  • Developing a work plan for the project’s first year and maintaining a project budget;
  • Ensuring adequate recording of co-finances and other financial matters; and
  • Mainstreaming climate and gender within projects

The Project Management Manual and this online course do not cover issues specific to individual Implementing or Executing Agencies such as procurement or recruitment policies. They do however, link to GEF IW project websites and documents to provide tangible examples that may be adaptable to your project.

Structure of this Course

This GEF IW Project Management Online Course is useful for new GEF IW Project Managers or Project Coordination Unit (PCU) staff members. It is also useful for seasoned staff as a refresher and for seeking out new project ideas from the many project examples highlighted throughout the course materials.

In addition to the discussions and case study examples, key terms are defined and links to additional resources are provided. If you are brand new to GEF IW project management, it is recommended that you complete each module in sequence. Once you have completed all of the course materials, or if you are an experienced GEF IW project manager, you may wish to review specific course content as needed to refresh your knowledge.

How will it be delivered?

The course contents and materials are open to all interested persons at no cost. Every three months, Cap-Net will refresh the course to allow space for new participants to benefit from the material. To access the course contents you need to be registered in Cap-Net´s Virtual Campus.

Do you have questions?

Should you have any questions about the course or materials, please contact Natalie Degger ( 

NOTE: The GEF IW:LEARN Project Management course will not make you ‘a Project Management expert’ but it will assist in guiding you through the expectations of managing and delivering a GEF International Waters Project.