International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Fishery Committee for the Eastern Central Atlantic (CECAF)

The Committee has the following functions and responsibilities: to keep under review the state of the resources within its area of competence and of the industries based on them; to promote, encourage and coordinate research in the area related to the living resources thereof and to draw up programmes required for this purpose and to organize such research as may appear necessary; to promote the collection, interchange, dissemination and analysis or study of statistical, biological, environmental and socio-economic data and other marine fishery information; to establish the scientific basis for regulatory measures leading to the conservation and management of marine fishery resources, to formulate such measures through subsidiary bodies, as required, to make appropriate recommendations for the adoption and implementation of these measures and to provide advice for the adoption of regulatory measures by Member Governments, subregional or regional organizations, as appropriate; to provide advice on monitoring control and surveillance, especially as regards issues of a subregional and regional nature; to encourage, recommend and coordinate training in the priority areas of the Committee; to promote and encourage the utilization of the most appropriate fishing craft, gear and techniques; to promote liaison among and with competent institutions within the sea area served by the Committee and to propose and keep under review working arrangements with other international organizations which have related objectives within that area.