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Enabling Transboundary Cooperation for Sustainable Management of the Indonesian Sea

Facilitate the implementation of ecosystem approaches to fisheries and coastal management (EAFM/EBM) in the Indonesian Seas Large Marine Ecosystem (ISLME) to ensure the sustainable development of ecosystem resources through a TDA/SAP

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Indonesian Sea (LME)

Asia , SIDS (Asia) , South-Eastern Asia , SIDS , Small island developing States

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General information
GEF ID 5768
Project type Full-Size Project
Status active (Project Approved)
Start Date 12 mar. 2014
GEF characteristic:
Focal Area International Waters
GEF Allocation to project 4,000,000 USD
Total Cost of the project: 29,264,000.00 USD
Indonesia , Regional

Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Project contacts
Simon Funge-Smith Lead technical Officer
Susana Siar Fishery and Aquaculture Officer, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
David Brown Fishery Programme Consultant