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R2R - Testing the Integration of Water, Land, Forest & Coastal Management to Preserve Ecosystem Services, Store Carbon, Improve Climate Resilience and Sustain Livelihoods in Pacific Island Countries

To test the mainstreaming of ‘ridge-to-reef’ (R2R), climate resilient approaches to integrated land, water, forest and coastal management in the PICs through strategic planning, capacity building and piloted local actions to sustain livelihoods and preserve ecosystem services

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Small Islands States (LME)

Oceania , Melanesia , Micronesia , Polynesia , SIDS (Oceania) , SIDS , Small island developing States

General information
GEF ID 5404
Project type Full-Size Project
Status preparation (PPG Approved)
Start Date 13 May 2013
End Date 30 Apr 2018
GEF characteristic:
GEF Allocation to project 10.12M US$
Total Cost of the project: 103.58M US$
Cook Islands , Fiji , Kiribati , Marshall Islands , Micronesia Federated States of , Nauru , Niue , Palau , Papua New Guinea , Samoa , Solomon Islands , Tonga , Tuvalu , Vanuatu

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)