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A Transboundary Waters Assessment Programme: Aquifers, Lake/Reservoir Basins, River Basins, Large Marine Ecosystems, and Open Ocean to catalyze sound environmental management

To undertake a global assessment of transboundary water bodies, through a formalised consortium of partners, to support informed investments by the GEF and other international organizations, and to be sustained through a periodic process in partnership with key institutions aiming at incorporating transboundary considerations into regular assessment programmes.

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General information
GEF ID 4489
Project type Full-Size Project
Status active (Under Implementation)
Start Date 13 Mar 2013
End Date 29 Jun 2014
GEF characteristic:
Focal Area International Waters
GEF Allocation to project USD 5,000,000
Total Cost of the project: USD 29,074,000

UN Environment (UNEP)

Project contacts
Liana Talaue McManus Project Manager
Isabelle Vanderbeck GEF IW Portfolio Manager
Joana Akrofi Programme Officer
Kaisa Uusimaa Associate Programme Officer