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Semporna, Malaysia (site 2)

3524 - CTI Sulu-Celebes Sea Sustainable Fisheries Management Project (SCS)

Improved use of fishing gears/techniques

"Stock definition using appropriate scientific techniques (depending on availability of financial resources)

Trends in spatial and temporal scales of small pelagic fisheries and stocks

Population parameters and ecology of target small pelagic species groups "

"Finding for some small pelagic species indicate that fish stocks are shared by countries in the SSME from results of the migration study of Indonesiaa and Malaysia under SEAFDEC

Preliminary study of small pelagic fishes in Sulawesi Sea under FAO

Celebes (=Sulawesi) Sea, Indonesian territory – 385,000 tons (est.)"

"Completed regional stock definition study in collaboration with cooperating agencies (such as SEAFDEC)

Completed synopsis of evident trends, population dynamics and ecology of small pelagic fisheries & stocks from SCS region, national and demo site info/studies

Results of study incorporated in national and regional policies

Results of studies support fisheries management ( G. C.M.) in demonstration sites."

Reporting date Jun-14
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