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Zamboanga City, PHILIPPINES (Site 2)

3524 - CTI Sulu-Celebes Sea Sustainable Fisheries Management Project (SCS)

Improved use of fishing gears/techniques

- "Stock definition using appropriate scientific techniques (depending on availability of financial resources)
- Trends in spatial and temporal scales of small pelagic fisheries and stocks
- Population parameters and ecology of target small pelagic species groups

- "Finding for some small pelagic species indicate that fish stocks are shared by countries in the SSME from results of the migration study of Indonesiaa and Malaysia under SEAFDEC
- Preliminary study of small pelagic fishes in Sulawesi Sea under FAO
- Sulu Sea – total fish biomass estimated at 800,000 mt (2002); reported total landings was 1,000,000 mt in 2004 (FAO, 2005)
- Celebes Sea – biomass estimate is unknown"

- "Completed regional stock definition study in collaboration with cooperating agencies (such as SEAFDEC)
- Completed synopsis of evident trends, population dynamics and ecology of small pelagic fisheries & stocks from SCS region, national and demo site info/studies
- Results of study incorporated in national and regional policies
- Results of studies support fisheries management ( G. C.M.) in demonstration sites."

Reporting date jun.14
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