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Tarakan, Indonesia

Tarakan is an island situated on the north area of East Kalimantan Province, and has been declares as part of new province, North Kalimantan Province since 2012. The administration area approximately 657.33 km2, where consist of 250.80 km2 for land and 406.53 km2 for marine waters.
There are seven types of fishing gear operated in Tarakan waters, i.e. trawl (baby trawl), gillnet, trammel net, longline, guiding barrier, stownet/tide trap and handline. The main fishing gear used are trawl (baby trawl) for shrimp and demersal fisheries, tidal trap for the small pelagic and hand line for the large pelagic.
Although demersal and shrimp fisheries dominate the industry, small-pelagic fisheries contributed 21.4% or 798.5 ton of annual fish production (MAFS-TC, 2012). Pelagic fishes were caught by several fishing gears i.e. seine net, gill-net, line and traps.

1. Consultation with local stakeholders
2. Establishment of the inter-sectoral committee for the IFMP
3. Baseline/data gathering for the better understanding of the small pelagic and IFMP
4. Integrated fisheries management Planning stakeholder consultations and meetings
5. Capacity building, including trainings and study tour in Philippine demo site

3524 - CTI Sulu-Celebes Sea Sustainable Fisheries Management Project (SCS)

Reduced fishing pressure

Status of planning and implementation of Integrated Fisheries Management Plan (IFMP) using EAFM in the three demonstration sites

INO – no ICM Plan at present; government laws enable cities and districts to employ ICM (Law 32/1999)

Within the Demonstration Sites, adoption of IFMP using EAFM during 3rd year of the project and implementation during the rest of the life of project

Inter-sectoral committee (comprising relevant stakeholders from government, fisher group, private sector and other group) have been formed and actively carrying out mandated functions in each demonstration site, starting on the second year of the Project

Reporting date jun.14
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