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Regional Framework for Sustainable Use of the Rio Bravo - Results

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GEF5 IW Tracking Tool (2012)

Key Basin Project Results

Results data
Establishment of country-specific inter-ministerial committees
Year: N/A - Value: NO
No IMCs established
Regional legal agreements and cooperation frameworks
Year: N/A - Value: YES
Instrument : The Water Treaty
Treaty Relating to the Utilization of the Waters of the Colorado and Tijuana Rivers, and
of the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo) from Fort Quitman, Texas, to the Gulf of Mexico (the “Water Treaty”)
(which was signed in Washington, D.C. on 3 February 1944) and the Supplementary Protocol (which was
signed in Washington, D.C. on 14 November 1944). The Water Treaty came into force on 8 November
1945 by the exchange of ratifications between the United States and Mexico.
Additional bilateral treaties that are relevant to the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo) include the following:
The Water Treaty
distributed the waters in the international segment of the Rio Grande from Fort Quitman, Texas to the
Gulf of Mexico. The Water Treaty authorized Mexico and the United States to construct, operate, and
maintain dams on the main channel of the Rio Grande. The Water Treaty also changed the name of the
IBC to the International Boundary And Water Commission (“IBWC”) and, under Article 3, directed the
IBWC to give preferential attention to border sanitation problems.
Regional Management Institutions
Year: N/A - Value: YES
There are two main institution in charge of the water management initiative of the Rio Bravo (CILA, IBWC) and other in charge of basin management (CONAGUA, EPA). These institutions act as RMI.
National/Local reforms
Year: N/A - Value: NO
No national/local reforms drafted
Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis: Agreement on transboundary priorities and root causes
Year: N/A - Value: NO
Priorities are still under review, however important issues have been identified, such as water quality along the Mexican side of the border.
Development of Strategic Action Program (SAP)
Year: N/A - Value: NO
SAP will be develop, but priorities and TDA approaches have not been defined yet.