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Establishment of a Basin Management Framework for the Integrated Management for the Tisza Transboundary River Basin - Results

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Information sources
GEF 4 Tracking Tool (2010), IWC6 Results Note (2011)

Key Basin Project Results

Catalytic Impacts
Project generated additional resources (co-fin) for parallel project on plastic waste from Coca Cola in Ukraine

Results data
Restored habitat, including wetlands
Year: N/A - Value: 19957 ha
INDICATOR#1 Ha of wetlands planned for reconnection/restoration [Target (as identified by the agreed ITRBMP): 17,306 ha were identified with potential for reconnection. 2,651 ha are expected to be reconnected by 2015 and 12,993 ha (Ukraine) are planned for reconnection by 2021.
Two of the demonstration projects investigated the challenges of floodplains and wetlands resulting in 6 km of restored riverbank and a restored mountain stream in Ukraine. In Slovakia the concept of ‘making space for rivers’ has gained acceptance by the national Ministry of Environment following limited restoration of floodplains and wetlands in the Bodrog basin. Through the development of a manual on Integrated Land Development further stress reduction through improved management is expected.
Establishment of country-specific inter-ministerial committees
Year: N/A - Value: YES
Regional legal agreements and cooperation frameworks
Year: N/A - Value: YES
-Danube River Protection Convention, in force
-There has been a Tisza MoU since 2004 and planned Ministerial Meeting next April to update MoU and reinforce 'Tisza Group'

INDICATOR #1: Regional and national integrated management plans endorsed by all countries by 2011. National budgets allocated to implement plans by 2011. Management reports to ICPDR and Tisza Group each year. [Target: Integrated (quality and quantity, water and land) management]
On 11 April 2011, in Uzhgorod, Ukraine the Tisza Ministers and High Representatives of the countries adopted the ITRBM Plan and updated a Memorandum of Understanding to express their commitment to the Integrated Tisza River Basin Management Plan and pledge to continue the efforts needed to achieve its goals.
Regional Management Institutions
Year: N/A - Value: NO
For Danube River as a whole, not for Tisza. Since 2004 Tisza Group under MoU agreement of Tisza Ministers. Will be extended (time and remit - including measures to address pollution, floods etc) in April 2011.
National/Local reforms
Year: N/A - Value: YES
INDICATOR#2: Adoption of revised policies for land-water management by 2011. [Target: All countries
involved in demo projects}
The revised policies on land-water management were included in the ITRBMP. The results and lessons learned from three pilot demonstration projects guided the development of the ITRBMP and were included in the Plan as positive examples to stimulate replication.
Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis: Agreement on transboundary priorities and root causes
Year: N/A - Value: TBD
Development of Strategic Action Program (SAP)
Year: N/A - Value: YES
The UNDP/GEF Tisza Project (has worked closely with the Tisza countries and the ICPDR to develop an Integrated Tisza River Basin Management Plan (ITRBMP). This Plan is equivalent to a GEF Strategic Action Programme (SAP). The Project had a focus land/water management aimed at improving the use and protection of wetlands and floodplains to encourage further restorations of these important river basin features that have been lost due to intensive farming and flood protection and undertook three pilot projects addressing land and water management in addition to the co-ordination of the ITRBM support.