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Sustainable Environmental Management for Sixaola River Basin - Results

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Information sources
IWC6 Results Note (2011)

Key Basin Project Results
1. Implementation of the Binational Commission of the Sixaola River Basin.
2. Integration of multi-ethnic communities and farmer organizations in sustainable production schemes in the buffer zones of protected areas within the Binational Sixaola River Basin.
3. Support for conservation government agencies and local NGOs for the coordination of management programs and activities in the La Amistad International Park, and the protected wetlands Gandoca-Manzanillo (Costa Rica) and San San Pond Sack (Panama).

Results data
Regional Management Institutions
Year: N/A - Value: YES
Indicator #1.Establishment of the Binational Commission of the Sixaola River Basin [1]. This commission is composed by representatives of major government agencies, Civil Society and local governments (indigenous and non-indigenous) with presence and activities relevant to the implementation of the Sixaola Binational Project. The Commission┬┤s 21 members, from both countries Costa Rica and Panama, have met three times in 2010 and 2011 to discuss and decide about relevant issues such as their regulations code, approbation of the 2011 Annual Operational Plan for the Sixaola Binational Project, among others.