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Guangdong-Pearl River Delta Urban Environment - Results

GEF IDS: 2135


Information sources
GEF3 IW Tracking Tool (2010), IWC6 Results Note (2011)

Key Basin Project Results
1. One of the inter-municipal environmental infrastructure pilots (Nangang WWTP - 75,000 m3/day) has been completed and put into operation since March 2011 to serve for two districts in Guangzhou
2. Guangdong Environmental Protection Bureau (GDEPB) has setup advanced data collection facilities/systems to monitor all the key pollution dischargers in Guangdong Province and published the processed monitoring result at their public website (in the format of water quality rating)
3. A bidding document is under preparation for procurement of services of an operator for the Hazardous Waste Management (HWM) facilities in Guangzhou.

Results data
Municipal wastewater pollution reduction
Year: N/A - Value: 60000 kg/yr
INDICATOR#1: Reduce pollution loading to the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea through increased private sector participation in environmental services delivery.
Three districts in two municipalities signed off the institutional framework to implement the inter-municipal cooperation on shared environmental infrastructure
INDICATOR#2: Larger volume of least cost municipal wastewater and waste management investments constructed and operated through increased private sector involvement.
The regulatory framework and procurement of a contractor to operate the Hazardous Waste Management (HWM) Facility is under preparation by the consultant, which will be completed and put into operation by end of 2011.

INDICATOR#1: Increased volume of wastewater treated (60,000,000 m3) and solid waste disposed
(5,000,000 tonnes).
Three WWTPs (Liede III – 200,000 m3/day, Dashadi – 200,000 m3/day and Nangang 75,000 m3/day)
have been completed and operated at 400,000 m3/day or 146 million m3 per year. A HWM landfill of total
capacity of 1.5 million m3 in Guangzhou is under implementation to be completed by end of 2011.
INDICATOR#2: At least one additional facility funded or operated in part with private sector partner
A bidding document is under preparation for procurement of services of an operator for the HWM facilities
(landfill) in Guangzhou.

INDICATOR#1: Two or more contiguous municipalities/cities using shared facilities.
Only one of three pilots have been put into operation since March 2011, and the remaining two pilot will
be put into operation by end of 2011.
National/Local reforms
Year: N/A - Value: TBD