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Sustainable Management of the Water Resources of the La Plata Basin with Respect to the Effects of Climate Variability and Change - Results

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Information sources
IWC6 Results Note (2011)

Key Basin Project Results
1. The riparian country governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay working together within the framework of the Intergovernmental Coordinating Committee of La Plata Basin (CIC), on priority transboundary water concerns.
2. An agreed-upon Transboundary Macro-Diagnostic Analysis (Macro-TDA) and a Framework Strategic Action Program to help overcome main barriers and promote a more efficient and integrated sustainable management of the La Plata Basin.
3. An endorsed project document to further multinational cooperation and transboundary action on priority water concerns, including enhanced basin-wide capacity for adaptation to climate change and variability.

Results data
Establishment of country-specific inter-ministerial committees
Year: N/A - Value: YES
• Inter-ministerial agreement of the agencies involved in each country to define their representation to CIC´s Technical Counterpart (or technical group).
• Inter-ministerial mechanism established at the national level to discuss and implement project´s regional strategic actions.
• Establishment of National Project Units at supra-ministerial level.
• Inter-ministerial mechanism established at the national level to support project execution in coordination with civil society and the academic sector.
Regional legal agreements and cooperation frameworks
Year: N/A - Value: TBD
INDICATOR#2 The project supports creating the institutional and legal framework, and technical capacity for SAP formulation and eventual implementation
• Reports of National Project meetings in all five riparian countries.
• Steering Committee established, with participation of CIC political and technical representatives, environmental institutions, and participating agencies. Approved by-laws for SC meetings.
Regional Management Institutions
Year: N/A - Value: YES
Body: Coordinating Committee for the La Plata Basin Countries (CIC)
GEF Project:
• Establishment of CIC Technical Counterpart (or technical group), to support project execution. Working groups discussed and updated project components related to institutional strengthening, water quality, biodiversity, land use, groundwater monitoring, and climate change.
• Cooperation agreements in progress between CIC and government institutions, international agencies, Public and Private Universities, academic institutions, and civil society organizations.
• Consolidation of the Steering Committee, the International Project Coordination Unit and the five National Coordination Units for the implementation of Stage 1 (2010-2015).
• First Steering Committee (SC)–during the first meeting in April 2011- approved SC by-laws and institutional arrangements for project implementation and Annual Operational Plans

INDICATOR#1 Strengthened institutional capacities in CIC and participating National institutions, increases the number and scope of coordinated agreements and collaborative actions to be incorporated into the SAP
• Collaboration agreements signed by the SG/CIC with specific executing institutions for activities included in the Project Implementation Plan
• Reports of Thematic Working Groups and National Project Units meetings.
Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis: Agreement on transboundary priorities and root causes
Year: N/A - Value: YES
Completion of a scientific and socially-based Transboundary Macro Diagnostic Analysis (Macro-TDA), identifying current and emerging critical transboundar issues in La Plata Basin and their corresponding root causes.
Development of Strategic Action Program (SAP)
Year: N/A - Value: TBD
Agreed-upon Framework Strategic Action Program (SAP) to overcome main barriers and promote the sustainable management of the La Plata Basin water resources, within the framework of climate change and variability.