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Integrated Water and Ecosystems Management Project - Results

GEF IDS: 1080



World Bank Terminal Evaluation (2010)


Results data
Municipal wastewater pollution reduction
Year: N/A - Value: N: 115000 kg/yr, P: 32,000 kg/yr
GEO Indicator 3: Decrease nutrient load caused by the wastewater to the marine environment in the project area and the Kune Vain tidal marshland as follows: Nitrogen – 115t/a; Phosphorus – 32 t/a. GEO 3 was not met, since the WWTPs are not operative. However, it is likely that this indicator will be met if the WWTP/CTW are completed.
Conserved/protected wetland, MPAs, and fish refugia habitat
Year: N/A - Value: [see desc]
GEO 1: Monitoring of Posidonia oceanica (seagrass) meadows. GEO indicator 1 is fully met by the project. Baseline conditions of Posidonia meadows along the coast of Durres, Lezha, and Saranda have been investigated, markers for future monitoring have been placed on the seafloor, biometric parameters have been taken, and for the first time in Albania a method of quantifying epiphyte growth on Posidonia samples has been applied. The baseline allows monitoring of the seagrass meadows in the coming years. Since Posidonia is a long-term indicator with a very slow growth rate, changes cannot be detected before several years of full operation of the WWTPs. It needs to be stated that no seagrass was found in the coastal waters of Lezha, simply because the sediment composition does not provide the suitable habitat. In addition, it is important to note that even though the monitoring of seagrass was financed under component 2, GEO 1 measures the achievement of activities financed under component 1.
National/Local reforms
Year: N/A - Value: YES
GEO Indicator 4 (IOI 5, and IOI 7): An Integrated Management Plan implemented for Kune Vain Managed Area. GEO indicator 4 has not been met. A management plan according to international standards has been prepared and finalized by the end of the project.