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Water Funds A Conservation Climate Resilient Model for Stressed Watersheds in Latin America and the Caribbean

Project objective: develop 5 Water Fund mechanisms that protect upper watershed biodiversity and improve the water security of 14 million people in 5 major Latin American cities by connecting water users in urban areas with upper watershed land stewards that produce important hydrologic benefits through healthy watersheds.

Sustainable Water Management

South America

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General information
GEF ID 10048
Project type Medium-Size Project
Status active (Project Approved)
Start Date 20 Jun 2018
End Date 20 Jun 2021
GEF characteristic:
Focal Area International Waters, Biodiversity
GEF Allocation to project 1,826,484 USD
Total Cost of the project: 9,941,435.00 USD
Argentina , Brazil , Chile , Colombia , Guatemala , Regional

The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

Project contacts
Raúl Muñoz Castillo Senior Water Resources Specialist