International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

World Water Forum 8

18-23 Mar 2018, Brasilia
The World Water Forum is the world’s biggest water-related event and is organized by the World Water Council. IW:LEARN is coordinating two sessions as part of the Thematic Process 8 on Capacity. The sessions will focus on different aspect of international cooperation.

The GEF IW:LEARN project tackles the cross-cutting issue of capacity in the water sector through face-to-face learning experiences, knowledge management support, capacity building and outreach. Specifically the IW:LEARN project strengthens transboundary water management around the globe by collecting and sharing best practices, lessons learned, and innovative solutions to common problems across the GEF International Waters portfolio. It organizes training sessions, workshops, twinning experiences and global events to promote learning among project managers, country official, implementing agencies, and other partners.

International Cooperation is an essential enabling environment for achievement of increased capacity of water sector professionals. As part of this topic the sessions will address the need to enhance the integration of water related capacity development activities carried out by relevant stakeholders ranging from civil society organizations, to inter-governmental initiatives, and donors. More specifically, this topic will address what kind of international cooperation can best support capacity development plans to achieve SDGs. 

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